A little bit more about me


Michele Gordon Levy, recognized by The New York Times as one of NYC’s Top Fitness Pros, is a master motivator, true go-getter, and NASM/AFAA/ACE-Certified fitness entrepreneur aiming to energize humans and brands everyday. From encouraging kids to feel “amaZING” and hitch-kicking mid-CSP to hyping up the power of a positive mindset, Michele will inspire you to think big, take better care, live confidently, smile more often, and make things happen!

Way back when, Michele was the kid who held back from doing things on her own, afraid of speaking up, always getting sick, and full of self-doubt. It wasn’t until a few pivotal moments as a teen when she decided to make a change through fitness, wellness, and leadership. Today, Michele is the CEO & Founder of Zing!, a fun-powered experience to help kids (and parents!) feel amazing through movement, mindset, and play. 

When Michele isn’t building Zing!, she teaches her signature Cardio Sweat Party fitness class, trains a select group of individuals, and coaches emerging fitness pro’s to grow their businesses.

Prior to her current work, Michele has paved the way as a leader in fitness, wellness, and sporting goods. Previously, Michele held senior marketing & management positions at SELF Magazine, Paragon Sports, Town Sports International (NYSC), and Reebok and consulted on fitness-marketing projects, where she was recognized for her ability to motivate & inspire teams, drive sales, create impactful events, and build meaningful partnerships.

Michele was also the finalist in the 16th Annual Botnick Business Plan Competition for her former kids fitness program, Adventurcise® Throughout her career, Michele has taught at some of NYC’s best gyms, organized 1000+ powerful events, and mentored young professionals to grow. 

Whether it’s in the virtual fitness studio, planning a big fitness campaign, or hosting an awesome Zing! program, Michele is deeply passionate about helping you to recognize the power within & TURN IT UP so you can thrive.