The Energy Boost You Need

Get In Your Sweat Sesh!

As the CEO & Founder of Zing!, Michele teaches fitness classes for kids ages 3-12 years. You can learn more about Zing! HERE.

When she’s not working it out with little ones, Michele privately trains & teaches classes for individuals and groups around the world. Interested? Inquire here to learn more!


Come ready to sweat, leave feeling empowered. Cardio Sweat Party (CSP) combines kickboxing, dance, and athletic drills with energizing music to challenge your body. Recognized as one of NYC’s best classes, this program is truly a workout PARTY! CSP CELEBRATES all that you can do. Weekly CSP classes are available online, wherever you are! Expect to walk away from each class feeling #HighOffCardio. 

Other class offerings include Body Power (HIIT), Chill (stretching & breathwork), and more.